About us

Through extensive research Pickfords, in association with CycleMove, has identified a need to provide a bicycle
transportation service that is:





Pickfords provide ideal platforms to underpin this service.

Pickfords, in association with CycleMove, provides a bicycle transportation service that is safe and convenient – from the online booking process to the drop off and collection of your bicycle at carefully selected outlets or depots for the convenience of our customers. Our tailor-made and value-added services are designed to further enhance the bicycle transportation experience.

Our services

  • Custom designed transportation boxes and blankets for bicycles.
  • Safe, convenient drop off and collection of bicycles at selected outlets or depots.
  • Professional transportation of bicycles by Pickfords.
  • Friendly and efficient staff to receive and present bicycles before and after events.
  • User friendly online booking service.
  • Personal involvement of the CycleMove staff in every aspect of the service.
  • Value-added services including optional door-to-door transfers, as well as transfers to and from the race venue, offer our customers extra convenience.
  • Direct involvement and supervision of the drop-off and collection points of the bicycles by our skilled CycleMove staff ensures our personal involvement and commitment to superior customer service.


  • Competitive pricing.
  • Customer-focused convenience.
  • Carefully selected associate service providers.
  • Unique value added services.
  • World-class online booking service.
  • Optional extra services.


Pickfords, in association with CycleMove, offers the following Value Added Services to further enhance our customers' experience:

  • Door-to-door collection and delivery of bicycles to and from events for those cyclists with time constraints and busy lives.
  • Door-to-door airport transfers.
  • Transport to and from the race venue giving our customers one less thing to worry about.